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Post by Logar »

Ola !!

Did anyone play wildstar yet ?
http://tweakers.net/reviews/3600/wildst ... chten.html
http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/wildsta ... 0-6415807/

Thinking about trying it, especially the dynamic combat system sounds very good.
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Re: Wildstar

Post by Jolrael »

First sight looks pretty funny to be honest ;-)

Not sure if we're going to try it, but who knows :-P

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Re: Wildstar

Post by Shivan »

I've thought about it... but until thePhD is done I've mostly banned myself from such addictive games :P
Followed it on tweakers and I really liked the whole idea.
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Re: Wildstar

Post by Solidus »

This forum is still alive?!

I tried the Wildstar beta out a couple months ago; It was really not ready back then, too much clutter on the UI and various lag issues which really ruined the gameplay, it seemed to me to be one of those games which look better on paper than in actial gameplay.

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