The craft of War: BLIND

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The craft of War: BLIND

Post by Jolrael »

I actually got this link from a collegue of mine who pretty much hates WoW and everything related, so I was rather surprised of the quality :-)

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Post by shyxa »

Wow the creator of that movie really got skills :o

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Post by Forsite »

serious skills there,

very nice.

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Post by Logar »

Definately impressive, and makes me think of the Mistborn series, by Branderson (Shivan knows what i'm talking about !)
Amazing editing, the music felt a bit out of place for me though.
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Post by Shivan »

Brain Sanderson you mean Logar? ;)

Very impressive animating skills here. No idea how this guy pulled it off, but as he says its his 'thing' so I hope its his work if not he should make it his work :P. If this is a one man project its truly sick. Pace, editing and story were great and I really see the link Logar makes to the Mistborn series... last part even more, standing on the city walls. Music is a big maybe... one way it does fit, other way it doesn't. It certainly is a daring choice, better than a 'standard epic fantasy' theme imo... but maybe to much overdone with the R&B lyrics and beats.

But I hope he's going to make more... really great effort!
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Post by Solidus »

What the hell totally awesome :O, this guy should really be working a gaming / movie studio..

The music is fitting once you get used to it, and the fights / moves were very original, only thing that bothered me was them holding eachother while spinning in the air towards the sky while fighting :p, bit unrealistic, the others moves are spectacular, but at least possible :p

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Post by Vardamir »

very nice :) I enjoyed it! :D

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