Band of some Red Hand

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Band of some Red Hand

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Ok, I understand the "Band of the" part. But why a red hand!? Why not a blue one? Or a green? Or maybe a hand with all te colors of the rainbow. Or just Band of the Hand, who cares what color it is anyway? Also, we could just as well swap the hand with another body part, like a foot. Or Band of the White Arm. Band of the Red Leg. Band on the Other Hand. Or just "Band", plain and simple. Band of Srength and Honour. Agonised Band of the Moonlit Hand.

Ok, you gotta hand it to me, that last suggestion is a pretty good one! (useless sentence just to be able to write down "hand" one extra time)

Of all possibilities, could you hand me out an explanation why Band of the Red Hand wins hands down?

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Well a good name is a hard thing to get your hands on. Luckily, many hands make light work and Shivan helped out by coming up with this great name.
As for the choice of red, it came with the name and a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Also, as an added bonus the red hand already has a large group of followers. And even better, it has his own fricking holiday; what more can we want ?

On the other hand, some people would shy away from being associated with a large group of irish terrorists, but not us ! When life hands you a lemon, you make some lemonade; you don't start whining about human rights.

As the saying goes, you can't clap with one hand. And I can't end this post without mentioning this masterfull Blackadder quote I came across whilst searching for hand quotations.
Baldrick: "I want my mother."
Blackadder: "Ah, yes Baldrick. A maternally crazed gorilla would come in handy at this very moment."
-- Battle doesn't need a purpose; the battle is its own purpose.
-- You don't ask why a plague spreads or a field burns. Don't ask why I fight.

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