Candid Camera goes awry... ouch..

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Candid Camera goes awry... ouch..

Post by Shivan »

Pretty stupid joke in this Belgium program and it goes pretty awry for the actor 'in the field'... I have to give kudos for the technique of the guy in the stripped sweater though!

Link to the video.
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Post by shyxa »

And what have they learned.... never do that kind of jokes on those hooligan types.... omg did you see his face, it was full of aggression....

Nice video though :D

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Post by Silktail »

No doubt he's a martial artist. The kick is used in karate as well as a few other sports, but he really should learn not to go all out the moment a bit of threat comes his way. :)

But I guess the actors were even more dumb to execute this idea.

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