Chemistry Class 101

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Chemistry Class 101

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After defeating experiment 25463-D last week, it was time to meet the mad scientist himself this week. Maloriak ! Turned out he still had experiments 25464 to 25483 brewing in his laboratory. Luckily for us, these buggers were a lot less lethal. Although, and credit where credit's due, they did have eyesight this time. It's a good thing we stopped Maloriak before he found a way to combine big deadly dragon-stew with actual eyesight.

As a fellow alchemist, I fully support the use of deadly toxins in combat, Maloriak just needs to be a bit more selective with his choices. Red vial ? Hurts, let's use it. Blue vial ? Hurts, let's use it. Green vial ? This stuff actually helps these people more then it hurts them, let's leave this stuff on the shelf right there. Ok ? The same goes for your 20 horrible miscreants you have brewing right there, you might wanna release them all at once instead of releasing them in small-sized easy to handle batches of 3. Just saying !


After taking a look at Chimearon after Maloriak, I just feel like Nefarian is shafted with the most horrible subordinates this time. Maloriak is basically a failure of a chemist who can't tell one vial from the other. Chimearon is seriously just SLEEPING on the job. We have a handicapped dragon without eyesight, a robotic defense system that malfunctions half the time.
I mean come on ! Magmaw is the only evil minion in there who is actually pulling an effort ?

You can say what you want about Blackwing Lair, but those bosses were badass and giving it their best. Razorgore with his countless bataillons of orcs, Vaelastrasz the "guild destroyer". I'll skip Broodlord for the sake of this argument. Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor were pretty okay as well. And Chromaggus the core hound from hell, need I say more ?

The next time someone pulls a Kael'thas, you might wanna take heed of my advice for once and gather a more solid crew before you set up shop in your evil lair. This is just embarrassing.
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RE: Chemistry Class 101

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Woohoo! \o/

2 to go :D

Gz all :)
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RE: Chemistry Class 101

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Progession going nice, cant wait to see a big bad Neffy soon ;)
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RE: Chemistry Class 101

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Awesome sauce story w00t w00t go go Chimy!