Wake up and smell the coffee !

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Wake up and smell the coffee !

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Even though Chimaeron was sleeping on the job, I guess he did learn the most valuable lesson of the mythical creatures elementary school and that is to go to sleep on top of the treasure. Unfortunately for us, that meant we had to wake sleeping beauty and he has quite the morning temper. As far as Nefarian's new minions go, Chimaeron was definately the most deadly.

Nothing to worry about though with Finkle Einhorn, Grandmaster Adventurer, around to keep us safe. Instead of bringing just a skinning knife, this time he brought a nifty little bot with him who kept us alive mostly. I say mostly since the healers got to cover the rest of Chimaeron's ridiculous damage output. They might experience some post-traumatic stress disorder after this fight, but there's a price for everything.

Also a thanks to our random, Kayia, who very decently replaced our stinky dorf tank ! *Glare*


Technically, I believe this officially entitles us to brag on wow forums about how we 'pugged 8/12 cata content' and how damn easy all this is. Time to troll !?
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RE: Wake up and smell the coffee !

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w00t :)
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RE: Wake up and smell the coffee !

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Congratulations! :-)

Good to see the kill, sad to know I wasn't there this time around :P