The council's ruling: death!

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The council's ruling: death!

Post by Jolrael »

Last Sunday we had to appear before the council of Twilight Ascendants, in order to be granted an audience with the (apparent) rulers of the Twilight's Hammer clan; Cho and Gall.

Entering the council's chambers, however, we quickly learned of their ruling (not a very fair and well-thought one in my opinion): You will die for your insolence!. Luckily for us, only half the council was present at that time, so we felt a bit assured we could handle them. I mean, what better way to overrule a council then by getting rid of them?

After a small struggle, we appeared to be winning, but the cowards tapped out, and their two colleague's stepped in to take over. After (literally) bouncing a bit up and down (avoiding earthquakes and lightningstorms), also these two decided they could not handle it, so the 4 members decided to (quite radically) change tactics, and merge into a (quite well-described) Elementium Monstrosity.

This combination of forces seemed a bit much at first, but after 2 last-percent-wipes, we decided we had enough, and finished 'them' off.


With the council out of the way, we shall soon have an audience with the grand leaders themselves; Cho'gall - here we come!.

On a different note; we are currently ranked 25th on our realm according to - this is quite something, if you note that (most of) the top 24 guilds on our realm raid quite more ofthen than once a week. Sadly I do not have the exact numbers, and it's hard to factor in gear that is obtained by profressions, tokens, etc. outside of our regular raids, but I do dare to state that we are among the top-guilds on our realm in terms of progress compared to time/energy invested :D
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RE: The council

Post by Jet »

Hell Yeah!

1 day a week raiding 6 total raids totalling 28hours time invested and we are kicking some progress butt.

Who wouldn't want to join this team on a very good geared alt/main!
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RE: The council

Post by Logar »

Yay for us, Cho'gall next :) !
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